About UK Silver Exchange

Welcome to The UK Silver Exchange. We specialise in buying and selling silver, whether it be in the form of bullion (bars, ingots and grain), antiques, scrap metal, the refining of industrial waste etc. We were established in 1988, however our involvement in the silver trade goes back to the late 1950’s when one of our directors began as an apprentice in the bullion trade.

The company structure has evolved through time. In 1988 the company was founded and drew on the experience gained from three decades within the silver industry. The timeline opposite gives a brief overview of the company history. We have always held the belief that a professional and friendly approach with honesty and integrity, is at the heart of what we do and is central to the principles of how our company works.

"We have gained an enviable reputation within the antique silver trade for supplying the best quality products in first class condition at competitive prices. Our core business has been to supply the retail silver trade with commercial wares at very competitive prices."


We are always developing new facets to our business and our first web-site was developed in 2001 to provide a selling forum for antique silver spoons. The spoons offered date from the 15th to 20th Centuries; always with an emphasis on rarity and quality. This web-site has proved extremely successful and was quickly expanded to include canteens of cutlery, other silver collectables (for example vinaigrettes, wine labels etc) and fine Georgian, Victorian & 20thC hollowware.  We sell according to our values of "Quality Silver - Sensible Prices" and consequently enjoy a quick turnover of stock. Further information can be gained by visiting www.antiquesilverspoons.co.uk


In 2009, the rising price of silver as a metal was beginning to have an impact upon the antique silver trade. Our lifelong connections within the bullion and refining industries were re-ignited and we began to take in silver from other antique dealers. We quickly became the link between the antique trade and the bullion/refining industry. We are now in a unique position within the bullion trade as our prime objective is not necessarily to melt the metal that we buy. If we can see a potential future for the metal as an article, then we will always endeavour to recycle the piece back in to the antique and retail silver trade.

Our business model is simple: we buy and sell silver

Our aim is to deliver the best daily prices with the utmost professional care and attention to our clients. We buy in scrap silver and where possible recycle antique silver that is destined for the melting pot to give it a new lease of life.

We value all clients and treat them in a fair and friendly manner.