Kitco Charts - Resolved


Update: Kitco charts are up and running again. . . ----------------------------------     Apologies for the Kitco charts which are currently stuck at £25. 15/oz.

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13-year Silver High


Silver rose sharply during the afternoon of Friday, May 17th, to a 13-year high and ended the week with a spot price of £24. 76/oz (£795. 10/kg).

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Recent Metal Price Peaks


The recent high metal price spikes appear to be over, at least temporarily. Gold reached an all-time record high price of £1929. 12/oz (£62,022.

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Sovereigns £440 Krugerrands £1865


It was just two weeks ago that gold broke through the £1750/oz barrier and it has since smashed through both £1800/oz and £1850/oz and is heading towards £1900/oz.

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Easter Gains for Silver

IMG 7492

On the back of recent record high gold prices, silver has stepped up a gear and made a rise close to 10% over just four days of trading spanning Easter…

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Gold Tops £1750/oz


Amidst continuing World economic and strategic uncertainty, gold relentlessly increases in price breaking new ground on almost a daily basis.

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Gold Surges Upwards


A record high gold fix was achieved this afternoon, with £53,903/kg (£1676. 61/oz) smashing the previous high from last October.

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Record High Gold Spike


Early on Monday morning December 4th, gold prices peaked at a record high of $2152. 30 per troy ounce. (approx. . £1652/oz or £53.

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Record High Gold Fix

18ct gold cheetah

Amidst continuing tensions in the Middle East with Israeli troops massed along the Gaza border, investors continue to turn towards the safety of gold.

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Israeli Offensive in Gaza Imminent

DSCN5236 v2

With an Israeli offensive against Hamas in Gaza imminent, investors around the world are moving monetary assets to the safe havens of precious metals.

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