13-year Silver High

Silver rose sharply during the afternoon of Friday, May 17th, to a 13-year high and ended the week with a spot price of £24.76/oz (£795.10/kg). 

The only previous time that silver has reached these dizzy GBP heights was in 2011. The record price being £29.26/oz (£940.73/kg) on April 28th.

Commodity prices are generally measured in US dollars and the silver price currently sits at $31.48/oz.

In April 2011, silver prices reached a high fix of $48.70/oz, however with the Royal Wedding of William & Kate the following day, the London markets were closed but US markets pushed the spot metal price to the $49.45/oz all time record fix of the Bunker Hunt cornering in early 1980, before crashing the market!